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Q – Why I should buy New Champ cycling socks ?
A – New Champ cycling socks will keep your feet cool and dry and will be more comfortable than regular socks.

Q – Why are New Champ cycling socks so high ?
A – It’s all about flashing design. Your socks should bring you joy every time you put them on.

Q – How long should cycling socks be ?
A – Regarding to new UCI rules that came into force on 01/01/2019, pro riders socks must not reach beyond the halfway point between the ankle and the knee.

Q – What are New Champ cycling socks made of ?
A – New Champ cycling socks are made from lightweight and breathable synthetic fiber blend:
polypropylene, polyamide, elastane.

Q – Where New Champ socks are made? Are New Champ socks made in China ?
A – All New Champ socks are designed in UK and made in Europe (Poland).

Q – When will my order be shipped ?
A – We usually ship whitin 24h.

Q – Do you have a worldwide shipping available ?
A – Yes we ship worldwide.

Q – How can I get a discount for New Champ socks ?
A – All our new customers will get 10% off for first shopping with us. Use pop up discount code at checkout. Sometimes you can find discount codes on our social media: Instagram and Facebook.