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rawvelo nutrition
Rawvelo is the first complete range of organic, vegan sports nutrition products designed for endurance athletes.
busby cycling app
Busby is a free cycling safety app that rewards cyclists for being safe and offers unique features such as incident detection, incident prevention and easy to use near-miss reporting. If a user is involved in an incident, Busby gives them 30 seconds to move or respond. If there is no response their location is sent to emergency contacts (and in the future services) so help can arrive quicker than ever before.
‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’. Download Busby on IOS or Android App Stores for free.

Our mission is to grow a community-led discount network for cyclists, whether you’re a yellow jersey contender, a mountain bike trailblazer or simply cycle to get from A to B. With over 65,000 members we can negotiate discounts that stay all year round. From big brands to independent retailers, cycling events, magazines and accessories, as long as you’re a member of DCN, paying full price will be a thing of the past.

The Courtyard Café serves coffee, cakes, sandwiches and toasties in a secluded courtyard location. We have ample off-street bike parking in full view of the seating area. Our new gazebo offers shelter from inclement weather, and we stock a selection of bicycle spares to help get you back on the road in an emergency. 
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